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Return to the Island of Dr Moreau

Logline" Swiss Family Robinson meets Jurassic Park "

Synopsis Inspired by the classic 19th century HG Wells story of a mad scientist creating hybrids of animal and humans , this film takes the premise of the original vision , aGothic horror tale of vivisection, and moves it up into a broader tale of pure adventure and science fantasy, that is tailored for family entertainment .

Our vision for this film places it right alongside such huge franchises such as Jurassic Park and current classic cinematic releases such as Tarzan.Return to the Island of Doctor Moreau has all the inherent qualities to translate across all international markets as a "seat of the pants" action film.An every day family is pitted against a manipulative , twisted matriarchal character and once battle lines are drawn that unleashes a panoply of truly unique creatures from the realm of nightmares.

These creatures are the creation and legacy of experimentation by the Moreau dynasty and are a fresh departure from over -familiar dinosaurs and giant apes. These creatures think and have human reasoning -you can run but you can't hide ...


The Combination 2 (2017)

Synopsis: Six years on and John is still haunted by the death of his younger brother. The choices he faces will push him to the edge like never before.





In Development

Caught Up

Logline: This is a story of how one man's bond for his family, friends and love interest is challenged as he is caught up in a complex multicultural world.

Synopsis: Set in the multiracial suburbs of western Sydney three friends Jack, Jeff and Rob are caught up in the world of crime. Each with a dream their worlds come crashing down with the death of young Rob. Forward five years and a lot has changed. Jeff has become very rich and powerful through his criminal dealings while Jack has become a cop. These two friends come face to face and the battle becomes personal and territorial. Jacks honor and loyalty is also challenged when he falls for Jeff's younger sister Suzy. But the closer he gets to her Jack becomes painfully aware of the choice he will have to make between love, family and honor. All characters don't realize how the current events will change the future for their families.









Music Machine

Inspired by real events in the Australian music industry 1980 – 1990.


Synopsis: Former recording executive and 'music industry insider' Richard Cartwright, author of the novel PLATINUM 'Rock 'n' roll is a tough business...sometimes it's Murder' (published by Resolution Books / Tower Books April 2000) has dramatised scenarios from real life situations, with his 30 years personal experience, working as a music industry recording executive both in Australia and overseas.

This is a story set in the 80s about the record industry, its deals, practices and the underlying activities that mirror that of the 'criminal underworld' and how the two are linked.

The entertainment business can be hit and miss, success brings rewards that dreams are made of, yet; it is not easy to succeed. Few do, but many try.

Those with stars in their eyes will do anything to get their break, to have a chance at stardom and all the trappings that befit such a mantle.

There are traps for young players. The futures of many are in the hands of few. The industry is cut-throat and unforgiving.

Such power spawns spiralling egos, huge pay cheques, resentment and envy of the ringmasters who control the rock 'n' roll circus by those who wish to join its elite ranks.

It's Murder. Many a time, when a deal goes wrong, an opportunity is lost, it has been muttered under one's breath ..."I'll get that bastard!"…such is the premise for.