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Event Zero

The Comet Kids (2017)

Synopsis: In order to protect his father's discovery, Lucas and his five friends go on the adventure of a lifetime to find the piece of a passing Comet that crash lands near their hometown in the 1950's.

Event Zero

Event Zero (2017)

Synopsis: Fear is the most dangerous disease. When her father is framed for a biological terror attack on Sydney, suspended Federal cop Leyla Nassar is set on a mission to clear her father's name and uncover the truth behind the attack.

Five Star

Five Star (2014)

Synopsis: A member of the notorious Bloods since he was 12 years old - both in the film and in real life - Primo takes John, the son of his slain mentor, under his wing, versing him in the code of the streets. Set in East New York, FIVE STAR blends documentary and fictional storytelling as director Keith Miller carefully avoids worn clichés of gang culture to offer a compelling portrait of two men forced to confront the question of what it really means to be a man.

The Quarantine Hauntings

The Quarantine Hauntings (2015)

Synopsis: 17 yr old Jasmine struggles to come to terms with her father's death. She and her best friend Skye are left to take care of their younger siblings Zac, Blake, and Eva when their mothers Sandy and Katherine decide to go on a girls' night out to give Sandy a breather. Jasmine and Skye take the kids to the notoriously haunted Quarantine station to research a school assignment where they find out more about a resident ghost: Jolene Denman, AKA the girl in the pink dress. In an attempt to scare the boys, they pretend to evoke the spirit of the troubled girl but when things start going terribly wrong they begin to realize that their actions have had serious consequences. Jasmine and Jolene have a fateful connection. That night, as Jasmine's behavior becomes increasingly concerning, Jasmine's boyfriend Cameron and Skye discover that the kids have gone missing. They have traveled back to the Quarantine Station to try and stop the curse and save Jasmine. Skye and Cameron set out to find the kids, believing that retrieving them will be a quick and simple task, yet upon entering the Quarantine Station they embark on a terrifying quest against paranormal forces that they once had doubted even existed. Not knowing that Jasmine is facing demons of her own, they are all left with one thing to discover: who will survive and who will fall prey to the curse of the Quarantine Hauntings.



Written by: George Basha

Genre: Drama

Date: 01/12/2012

Tag Line: There's only one rule in prison! Watch your back Convict!

Theme: Many soldiers say war is hell but surviving prison is another type of nightmare.

Logline: This is a story of how one mans defense of his loved one takes him to prison where he is challenged both physically and psychologically by a sadistic prison boss.

Synopsis: Set in the dark and old Paramatta prison built by the original convicts, our lead character Ray, a war veteran, finds himself serving 18 months for manslaughter after defending his fiance. He soon realises that the prison boss has it in for him and does everything possible to break Ray, even going after his fiance. He has to learn how to navigate his way around the internal politics and turf wars that exist and find a way to make it through to see his fiance again.

Film Makers:

  • Director: George Basha & David Field
  • Executive Producer: John Tedesco
  • Produced by: George Basha & John Tedesco
  • Screenplay by: George Basha
  • DOP: Andre Deubel
  • Sound: Tim Loyd
  • Lighting: Matt Russell
  • Editor: Mic Gruchie


Journeys - Ep 2 (Documentary): The Royal Tour

Synopsis: Australia, the land of beautiful beaches, baron deserts, lush rainforests and sports crazy Aussies and a way of wife envied by all around the world. We even have our own royalty, not known to many. That's right, the royal pubs of Australia. Where are they? What sort of people owns them? What's the history behind the pubs? Who are the kings and queens of the pubs and who are their royal subjects? More importantly, what do the pubs mean to our society?

The journey started at The Lord Nelson Hotel in the Rocks, Sydney ,Then finally, Broken Hill, which turned out to be a real surprise package as the unassuming mining town, full of art, architecture and larger than life characters like Pro Hart. The Royal exchange had been incredible restored as one of the most exquisite art deco hotels and the only 4.5* lodging in town matched in a different way by the Palace which boasted wall to wall murals painted by a local aboriginal who would paint when inspired and then go on walk about for months and then suddenly return to continue painting.

Most people did not know how the royal pubs got the name however, some people thought it was a way the original owners could keep ties to the mother country or it was due to the fact that the original English royal pubs were a regular place of lodging for royal administrators on traveling on business. The answer is still unclear.

What we did discover, is how important the royal pubs are to each town in their own way and the hard work and dedication to providing a service well and beyond the normal offerings of a pub. The Royal Hotel were and are still the corner stone to many towns in and around Australia and should be maintained and preserved forever.


Unsigned & Unplugged (Music Reality)

Synopsis: Cool music show featuring new talent competing to be the next famous singer song writer.

Filmed at the metro theater over 5 days bands battle it out to win a record contract.


Search for a Rally Star (Sports Reality)

Logline: Every ordinary person "surveyors, apprentice mechanics, data entry clerks" etc. have a dream of following a passion or being a champion. But only a few actually chase the dream.

Follow the path of one gutsy girl and 41 guys.

What do everyday ordinary people do when they have a chance to become a rally car driver and win $45,000.00 to kick start their career?
These are not rally professionals! Just dreamers.

Let's follow the extraordinary path that 42 people just like this. Learning all there is to know about rally car driving in a one day intense program.

This day was like any other day except that the temperatures hit 42 outside and 60 in the cars!

Then watch the top 10 and 1 wild card driver battle it out in a 1 day final program of skilled tests where they race against the clock.

The emotion, the stress and excitement of following a passion and the chance to win $45,000.00.
Dealing with extreme noise, temperatures inside the car and blinding dust storms outside.

The expert instructors are there to pass on the knowledge and experience in an intense training schedule.


SPORTS Worship (Documentary)

Logline: the global journey that discovers why sport just isn't about winning and losing….

Synopsis: In India, the locals play cricket from back lanes to the desert, from rooftops to dusty madans. In South America, bare-footed kids kick rolled up socks and cans through the back streets; in Italy grown men have been known to cry when they hear that a Ferrari car has won a formula one race; in New Zealand the only colour in winter is All-Black'; in Thailand kick boxers harden their shins by hitting them with bamboo sticks; in Japan, 30 stone men with their hair tied in buns clap their hands and engage in battles that last just a matter of seconds…….so many countries, so many stories.

No matter where you go in the world, sport travels far beyond the boundary lines into a myriad cultures and creeds. It is the heartbeat of many people's existence. But why? What makes mere games so important? The Sports Worship television series will find the answers.

A 10 part series consisting of half-hour programs that reflect the colour of sport in passionate lands. These will be of magazine style with one continuous story line. Where necessary they will be hosted by award winning writer/presenter James Knight.


Menu Rescue (Food & Lifestyle)

Concept: The concept for "Menu Rescue" is simple!

It's about Dr Joanna, the most prominent nutritionist in Australia who helps people with wellness issues change the way they eat by rescuing their menu at home. NO CHEFS or RECIPES! JUST REAL FOOD FOR REAL PEOPLE!

The 13 x ½ hour episodes will feature everyday Australians with wellness issues such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, diabetes, asthma and arthritis.

Cast: "Menu Rescue's" host the talented Dr Joanna McMillan currently works on the "Today Show, ACA, BIG and National Nine News" as the resident nutritionist and has done so for the past 5 years. Before the above shows she has worked on many others and now has also branched out to writing for the LIFE section of the Sydney Morning Herald which brings another wide fan base to the potential audience for "Menu Rescue"

Dr Joanna has built up a broad based following with Nine Network Australia which positions the "Menu Rescue" show for ratings success.

Synopsis: Dr Joanna consults to Julie Sasson aged 50 who eats very well as her husband is a great cook. However, she was diagnosed some time age with high blood pressure and doesn't realise that what she eats is not helping with her condition. 30% of Australians suffer from high blood pressure so Dr Joanna's goal is to help Julie make the real and necessary changes to her menu at home. Dr Joanna will have convince Julie that to make this change she needs to take the first step and immediately leave Dr Joanna's practice to purchase the fresh ingredients and drive straight to Julie's house and start cooking the new menu that's been designed.